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Walking Time is Here!

Yes, the time of year has come around again when you’ve got to delve in the back of the cupboard for your boots, give them a polish and shake out the insides for dead (or live!) insects. If you’ve not kept in shape, it’s too late to train, for next Saturday – 19th September – opens the walking season.

Since despite a refreshing blitz of rain temperatures are still quite warm, we’re starting with an easy walk, and leaving options open so that if it is hot we can decamped to Ermones Beach. Depending on what we decide, the walk may involve some new routes, untried except by me, and recce-ed in advance.

As on the first walk last year, we meet at 19th Hole Bar at Vatos at
10.00 for coffee, 10.30ish start (though usually it’s later on the occasion of the first walk as time must be spent catching up on summer gossip). 19th Hole Bar is on the straight bit of road as you approach the entrance to the Golf Club, about 100 metres before the said entrance. It’s next to a defunct petrol station marked ELIN.

We are eating at the lovely Nausicaa Taverna on Ermones Beach, so if you have friends with you who do not wish to walk, they can spend the morning there. And of course walkers have time for a swim before we eat.

Hope to see you there!

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