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On Ferry

Experience the simplicity and reliability of Onferry, and book ferry tickets online from the comfort of your pc. See all Ferry Routes from Italy (Ancona, Venice, Bari and Brindisi) to Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu and how to get to the rest of the Ionian islands...

Marine Traffic.com

This is a very good site if you want to look up a boat you have spotted or a rough guide to ferry, cruise ship or yacht positioning. Click the link below and have some fun....

Ionian Cruises (Corfu Town)

Discover the myth that´s hidden behind the history of every Greek island, by having your holidays in Greece combined with breathtaking boat trips. Our fleet is ready to welcome you on board for a luxury island cruise and pleasant journey to the unique beauties of the...

Greek Ferries Online

Book your ferry ticket on line. If you’ve decided that it is time to get to know the Greek islands better, there is no better way to see the islands, than by taking the ferry to Greece and then travelling with Greek ferries between the islands. According to the ferry...

Patras Travel (Corfu Town)

Our office was founded in 1966, as a General Tourism and Maritime Agency, committed to offer superior and reliable travel and shipping services to every type of ship, calling at the port of Corfu.

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