ouzoIf you have the patience make these at home! with a minimal expense and… a small piece goes a long way….in the long winter months which follow…


( Fig cake with ouzo)
Very soon, mid-August to the end of September the figs will be ripe and I would like to share with all in this group, the recipe which explains how to make the “real” Corfu Sikomaida.

There are many variations of this recipe and indeed every village boasts its own , but I will give you a recipe which is the absolutely “authentic” one from a Corfu Village.

Every year I use it and I have always been successful!

First a translation

«Η Συκομαϊδα» – The “Sikomaida” (Sikoma-ee-da) with the accent on the “ee”.

The word for fig is «το σύκο» (siko) and the fig-tree is «Η συκιά» or «Η σουκιά».

Please don’t use a different word. Only “Sikomaida”!
To make 6-8 Sikomaides

2.5 Kgrs figs
2 Kgrs black grapes
Black pepper (2 Tablespoons and a little more)
Ouzo (One Tablespoon per cake)
1 Tablespoon of aniseeds (from the shops)
Anise twigs (Pimpinella anisum)-wild plant smelling like ouzo called «μάραθο».

1. Open the figs by hand with the skins adhering.
Put on a board, cover with muslin and leave in the sun for 7-8 days.

2. Slice the figs as thin as possible (like tobacco) with a pair of scissors.

3. Hand squeeze the grapes over a pan and put through a sieve.

4. Put figs and the grape juice in a bucket.
Add the anise, the commercial aniseed and some ouzo (about 50 ml)
Pass the bottle round!!

5. Knead for 15 minutes until you have an even and thick paste.

6. Pour ouzo on a plate. Take some paste and shape it by hand into a flat cake and then bathe it in ouzo on both sides.
Put the cakes in the sun covered with muslin for 7-8 days.

7. When the cakes are sufficiently dry wrap them in fig leaves and tie them with a thread (preferably a natural grass)

The Sikomaides are now ready to eat or store in a cupboard. (Never in the fridge!)
Other flavourings

In some Corfu villages they use cinnamon, cloves and orange peel and they wrap the cakes in chestnut leaves and NOT fig leaves!

Use ONLY fig leaves and NONE of the above flavourings!!

By Aleko Damaskinos


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