new fortThe new fortress can be found just above the old port in Corfu town was built and designed between 1576 and 1645 by the Italian architect Francesco Vitelli and was considered to be an architectural miracle. Situated on the hill of St. Mark the building’s interior were constructed and completed by the British.
It is smaller than the Old Fortress but is well worth a visit, not least for the magnificent views across the port towards the Island of Vidos.
It consists of two levels, which once protected both the harbour and the city and once had a deep moat around it. There are a mired of tunnels in the new fort, which run both to the old fort and old Corfu town. On the entrance are two winged lions of St. Mark, the emblem of Venice. The two gates in the fortress have both survived.
It was partially destroyed in the Second World Ward but has been restored and now hosts exhibitions and concerts, there is also a good Café.

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