The Life and Works of Theresa Nicholas


Theresa Nicholas came to Corfu in 1961. An artist and observer of everyday life in Corfu. Theresa’s art embodies the era, everyday life, customs and folklore of the island.
Her work allows us a rare insight into village life as it was during her early years on the island. The beautiful images give us glimpses of kafenio’s, shops, olive presses, traditional costumes, animals, buildings, people at work and daily activities.
In the early years Theresa sold her work to tourists in sketch form, which afforded her an income. However she has also done serious works and has worked with different mediums, including oil-painting, etchings and beautiful intricate wool Tapestry’s.
Theresa’s art work had been exhibited in the past in Corfu, and she has also written a number of books including her story of when and why she came to Corfu and some printed book collections showing her art work.

All images and text used in this feature are used with kind permission from Theresa Nicholas. Reproduction of any of this work is strictly prohibited.

COPYRIGHT: THERESA NICHOLAS  (or the estate of TN)     2014 All rights reserved.


The collection spans years of walking through villages with my companions.

Cristo- The Zorba of Corfu

Theresa Nicholas has kindly allowed us to reproduce her private scrap book and notes about her friend Christos Vlahopoulos.

Interiors by Theresa Nicholas

I was privileged to discover Corfu in 1961, when tourism had only a minimal footprint on the island, and its traditional existence was relatively intact in spite of having been through two foreign occupations during WW II. I wasn’t an artist when I came, but what I... read more

Publications by Theresa Nicholas

SUNTOUCHED a Dark Comedy on a Greek Island (available on Amazon )

PIPPA’S ARK : The magical relationship between Trayzer and her friend’s young son, before TV, and computers changed growing up forever. (available on Amazon)


Available on demand from the Author:



CORFUSIANA : the architectural motifs on Corfu.


ANIMALS sketches



Theresa Nicholas, 1st Parados 5, Nausicaa, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece, 49100

Tel: 2661-0-41512

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