The Corfu Trail with Hilary Paipeti

corfu trail logo large 1I started exploring Corfu on foot in 1982 in response to requests from my clients (I was working as a summer rep at the time) for places to walk.Since then I have been walking the length and breadth of Corfu, hiking in its mountains, and rambling in its olive-blanketed hills and open plains. The more I explore, the more I confirm that the island of Corfu is a walker’s paradise, with a huge variety of scenery, lovely footpaths and trails, many places of interest to aim for, and – despite heavy development in a few places – an unspoilt and venerable atmosphere. I published my first walking guide, the Corfu Book of Walks, in 1987, and greatly expanded it in 1995 as the Second Book of Corfu Walks. It was during research for this latter book that the seeds of the Saturday Walking Group were sown. It happened like this: I had gathered all required information for the new book, except for on the Pantokrator mountain area. walk 12-04-14 (23)aHaving walked little in this region since the creation of a network of new tracks, I was rather dreading the long task of exploration. Out on my last ‘lowland’ fact-finding mission near Lakones, I noticed two walkers approaching me, and recognised them both. One was the veteran walker and botanist Ann Nash, and the other was the artist and author Teresa Nicholas. As we chatted, I gathered that, due to worsening arthritis, this was to be Ann’s last walk… and Teresa was looking for another walking companion. Lucky for me, he happened to have good knowledge of the new tracks of the Pantokrator Massif through past hikes with Ann.

By Hilary Paipeti

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