The Wildlife of Corfu

Facts and Articles about the Wildlife of Corfu

Giannis Gasteratos (Photographer)

Giannis Gasteratos (Photographer) studied forestry and management of the environment and natural resources” followed by a MSc on ”Sustainable management of protected areas”.

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Ionian Dolphin Project

Ionian Dolphin Project needs your help. If you come across dolphins or whales while sailing the Ionian waters, we want to know more about it. Report a sighting online and help us to shed light on the distribution of cetacean species present in the area and to identify... read more

Natural History e-Museum of Corfu

Corfu is an island in the Ionian Sea. We have created the virtual museum in order to highlight the wealth of the region. The island has a huge biodiversity since it includes marine, lowland and mountain sites. Visit The Natural History e-Museum of Corfu Website Visit... read more

The Flowers of Corfu (Website)

This website has been set up to record the extraordinary abundance of flowers on the island of Corfu. The flowers are displayed in family order grouped according to botanical systematics with orchids first. During an eight-day walk along the length of the Corfu Trail... read more
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