Artists, Authors and Creative People of Corfu

People who help show Corfu to the World.

Giannis Gasteratos (Photographer)

Giannis Gasteratos (Photographer) studied forestry and management of the environment and natural resources” followed by a MSc on ”Sustainable management of protected areas”.

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Vlasis Tsonos (Photographer)

Vlasis Tsonos was born in Corfu, where he spent his childhood and later studied political science with a specialization in International Policy at the University of Pisa in Italy. Today he lives and works in the island of Corfu as a photographer with an artistic approach.

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Icon – Art Gallery (Corfu Town)

ICON is a new boutique art gallery in Corfu, Greece, that brings together artists and craftspeople from across Greece to showcase the Greek iconographic tradition and Greek heraldry.

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John Dryden (Actor and Director)

John Dryden (Short Biography) John Studied for a BA Honours Degree, Durham University in the early 1960s. Appeared in London’s West End in several long-running productions. For 6 years he appeared as JD in BBCTV’s “The Sunday Gang”.In the 1970s John started to direct... read more

Caroline Philp (Artist)

Born in England in 1957 into a multitalented artistic family she was often described as ‘the child who had been born with a paintbrush in her mouth’ Brought up in an environment steeped in all aspects of art and theatre it was not surprising that on... read more

Franklin Levinson In Corfu (Horse Instructor)

I am very different than most horse instructors, not only on Corfu but around the world. When folks think of interacting with horses they only think of humans riding horses. This is unfortunately a universal issue and not good for the horse. There is a world of the... read more

Dimitra Klironomou (Artist)

Dimitra Klironomou was born in Karousades a village in the north west of Corfu. From a very early age she showed an interest in pencil and colours. At the age of 16 she started paining, making collages and working with clay. She has also painted on old pieces of wood... read more

Corfu Museum (Online)

john petsalis (Curator) I am 61 years old. I finished the university in economics. Now i am retired. From the age of 18 i’ve been a collector of antiques concerning material of the island of Corfu. To be more specific it is material such as old photos, old... read more

Karina Kantas (Local Author)

Karina originates Northampton UK, but lives permanently in Corfu Greece, where she works as an office manager of a tourist office in a busy resort. She is married and has two small children and has been living in Corfu for over 21 years. Karina Kantas writes novels,... read more

Corfu Villages

All the villages in the book have their own story to tell. They are all unique for some reason or another whether it be for their history, landmarks, local traditions or views

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