The Island

Nature, Facts, History, Stories and People

The Wildlife of Corfu

Interesting Facts and Articles about the Wildlife of Corfu

Highlights Of Corfu

Some of our favourite places to see on the Island.

Images Of Corfu

Some of our favourite Photographs from around Corfu and wonderful collections from some of the Islands top photographers.

Off The Beaten Track

Places that are off the normal tourist trail.

Aleko's Page

Aleko Damaskinos  shares his wealth of interesting information about the history, culture and Flora and Fauna of the Island.

Artists, Authors and Creative People of Corfu

People who help show Corfu to the World.

Corfu History

Interesting Facts and Articles about Corfu History

Facts and Fables

Interesting Facts, Stories and Articles

The Corfu Trail with Hilary Paipeti

I started exploring Corfu on foot in 1982 in response to requests from my clients

The Life and Works of Theresa Nicholas

An artist and observer of everyday life in Corfu. Theresa’s art embodies the era, everyday life, customs and folklore of the island.

Walking Corfu

Corfu is an ideal location for a keen walker.

The Gardens of Corfu

Gardens and Outside Spaces around Corfu.

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