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This blog will cover countryside matters over the changing seasons, with additional comments on walks and food (home and taverna, and some recipes). My crossbreed Corfiot mutts Lulu and Bruni will also feature from time to time. I expect to blog every week or ten days, and maybe more frequently if there is something to inform you about. Watch this space!

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The Corfu Trail with Hilary Paipeti

At the Casino

The town in a few weeks will be bursting with tourists, journalists and the idle curious who are always prominent wherever Royalty and VIPs gather.

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This Saturdays walk – Weather 04-12-2014

Note ——Thursday evening, and it appears that the weather is going to be awful for the next couple of days. I am not cancelling the Strinilas walk, but just letting you know that if it is raining as forecasted the walk will be postponed to the 27th. If the... read more

Hilary’s Blog 15-11-2014

Following Remembrance on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the time seems right to view the BBC’s 1964 documentary series ‘The Great War’. All 26 episodes, each 40 minutes long, are easily found on YouTube – just... read more

Hilary’s Blog 23-09-2014

A few unprecedented rainy days in July, and another wet spell in early September, have upset the usual pattern of autumn flowering.

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Hilary’s Blog 09-08-2014

On Wednesday, 30 July, the Superyacht Topaz was seen moored quayside at Corfu’s New Port. The vessel was launched in 2012 and at 147 metres long is the fifth largest privately-owned motor yacht in the world (the Azzam is currently the world’s largest at... read more

Hilary’s Blog 15-07-2014

I suppose readers of The Corfiot in January 2001, when the Manmade Global Warming hysteria was starting to kick in, must have judged me as a contrarian

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Hilary’s Blog 12-07-2014

On 26 June, very early morning, I was walking Lulu and Bruni, and along our little country road some 50 metres I heard some squeaking from the bushes.

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Hilary’s Blog 23-06-2014

While the great rush of the spring flowering is now over, it’s true to say that there is never a season when Corfu is not in bloom, even in the baking heat of midsummer.

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Hilary’s Blog 01-06-2014

Sometime in the second or third week in June, the Corfu countryside tosses off its spring mantle and changes from green to burnt gold.

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Hilary’s Blog 22-05-2014

Now comes the season of the rambling, scrambling flowers, when each species seeks to surpass its neighbour for space and sunshine, and to outgrow the seeding grasses.

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Hilary’s Blog 16-05-2014

I must confess that when a local man approached me to design and lead a programme of around 20 walks for Corfiots, my first reaction was a mental double-take: Huh? Corfiots?? Walking???

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Hilary’s Blog 04-05-2014

We have a real Bookshop! For I think the first time ever, I have been obliged to make Bill Gates even richer. Against my wishes, but obligatory for a guidebook update job I have been offered, I bought a Microsoft Office programme. As my computer is a Mac, I... read more

Hilary’s Blog 24-04-14

Here come the Corfu Trailers! Or coincidence strikes again. I was sitting in the 19th Hole bar in Vatos chatting to a Dutch friend over an Easter Sunday Evening ouzo when in walked an exhausted-looking stranger, who sat down at a neighbouring table. Since she was... read more

Hilary Paipeti’s Corfu Blog – Previous Entries

  24th March 2014 This is the Season of Firsts: The First Tree in Leaf (20 February); the First Judas Tree in Bloom (14 March); the First Swallows (22 March, afternoon); the First Mosquito Attack (ditto). Now we await that unfamiliar creature – the First... read more
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