ChapelThis wonderful walk takes you on a circuit of the high ridge south of Stavros. You reach a delightful chapel by way of a track, then return along a mountain footpath. Throughout, the views are spectacular. Starting Point: Dafnata Viewpoint, Stavros Village Time: 1 1/2 – 2 hours Ascent: 200 metres Terrain: Track, rough paths Rating: Moderate Shade: Negligible Start on the Stavros road, at the viewpoint on the corner (Dafnata, a couple of kilometres up from the junction on the road between Agii Deka and Strongili). Take the road on the outside of the bend, steeply uphill on concrete. At the top of a longish climb, the way levels out, with magnificent views over the valley. The track, now dirt, undulates along the hillside, then descends to the little church of Pantokrator, set on a pinnacle above the valley. It has a delightful shady yard with table and benches. The track stops at the chapel, so to continue you backtrack a few metres to where a small path plunges off to the left. It is marked: Stavros 45′. The path is very steep in places, and the rough rock steps can be slippery (a slightly easier path, also marked, leads down to join it – backtrack another hundred metres to find its start). At the foot of the descent, the path levels off (the other path joins here) and runs along a ledge with a cliff on the right and trees on the left. Then it starts to climb again, and emerges onto the open hillside. Still ascending, it swings to the right around the foot of cliffs, and curves down and around a side valley. Keep to the main path above olive trees and you are soon into the houses of Komianata. Bear right at the little square; the alley takes you onto the village access road. Keep straight on and in a few hundred metres you are back at your starting point.

This walk is taken from the Complete Book of Corfu Walks, available as an ebook at a price of 20 euros (not available as a print copy). This guide contains nearly 100 walks all over the island, most of them circular, varying in time from 30 minutes to several hours. Alternatively, depending on where you are based on Corfu, you may prefer to purchase one of six regional guides at a lower price: Walks in North West Corfu; Walks in North Corfu; Walks in North East Corfu; Walks around Paleokastritsa; Walks in Central Corfu (North); Walks in Central Corfu (South). These regional guides contain the same walks as in the full-island guide. They can all be found at the site

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