Sleeping Dogs coverAn old friend persuades Gibraltarian lawyer Spike Sanguinetti to take a well-earned rest on Corfu’s beautiful north-east coast. But when the bloodied body of a young Albanian is found and a local man accused of his murder, Spike reluctantly agrees to take the case. Beneath the island’s veneer of wealth and privilege, Spike uncovers truths so damaging that those involved will go to any lengths to protect them. And when a vulnerable young woman disappears, Spike knows that there are some sleeping dogs he cannot let lie…

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Thomas MogfordThomas Mogford is the author of the Spike Sanguinetti mysteries, a series of crime novels following the dangerous life of a lawyer from Gibraltar. Thomas has been coming to Corfu for summer holidays since he was a child, but it wasn’t until the fourth book in the series, ‘Sleeping Dogs’, that he fulfilled a lifelong ambition of setting a novel there. He lives in London, and is already counting down the days until he returns to Corfu this August with his family.


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