silvalandSilvaland is dedicated to offering unique, positive and fun experiences for all our guests, that involve horses, other animals and the natural environment.
We are continually breeding the rare Skyrian Horses
We Offer riding for all ages (from the age of 2)
Therapeutic riding.
Our aim at Silvaland is that we are trying  to make an animal park with rare Greek breeds, we have all the animals and the land- We are trying to raise funds for fences and enclosures- so any help would be much appreciated.
The Silva Project is a non-profit organization located in Kerkyra Corfu, Greece which is dedicated to preserving the Skyrian horse.This volunteer based charity has a riding school, is involved in the rescuing of abused animals and owns an organic kiwi farm.
Dasos 49100 Kalafatiónes, Kerkira, Greece

Tel (+30)2661052492,  (+30)694 700 4784


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