Wet weather Corfu2014 has been a bit of a mixed bag of weather all over Europe. The question is what can tourists do in Corfu apart from sunbathing?

Below is a list of rainy weather activities with links to more details;

Museums and Galleries

Churches, Chapels and Monasteries

Castles, Forts and Temples

Corfu Town

Corfu Town Cinema

Silvaland riding centre

Find a Taverna or Bar 

Go for a walk or hike – who cares what the weather is like

Brave the weather and enjoy Corfu – get out and about


Corfu is quite a wet Island during the winter months and becomes greener once the heat of the summer has gone, during Autumn and Spring we have our very own garden of Eden, so make the most of Corfu whatever the weather, it is beautiful rain or shine.




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