rovinia cave (10)Trying to enter this cave could be very dangerous. Please be personally aware of any dangers before setting off.

On the way to Liapades Beach, there is a supermarket called Athena, take the left hand road going up . In about 50 m you will reach a small crossroad – take the right turning. As soon as you turn, you will see a dirt road on you right side, and on your left side there is a small sign on a tree saying: Rovinia Beach. Turn right and go down the dirt road.  Drive down until you reach a small car park area – Follow the foot path down to the beach by foot. From the beach take a swim (preferably with snorkels) past the rocks on your left hand side for about 50-60 metres and you will see an opening in the rocks and daylight through them. To enter the cave you have to go underwater and up again a few times in small caverns to take a breath. when you reach the main cave you will find a very large opening with the sky above you. Alternatively from the beach paddle to the large cave on the left where the refreshments boat is moored in the summer. Enter the cave and on the right you will see a footpath going up inside it, at the top there is a small ladder (not very safe) to the top of the cliff. once on the top of the cliff there is a footpath all the way along and when you get to an opening on your left you will be able to look down into the cave from above.



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