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The Old Fort of Corfu is the very first thing that you will see if you are taking the ferry to get to Corfu. The cross atop the mountain caught my attention while we were in the ferry approaching Corfu, I immediately told the boyfriend that we must go there as it seems like you’ll get a fantastic view from up there. Well, I wasn’t wrong.


I’m not going to bore you with history about this place, that’s what wikipedia is for. :) I’ll just leave you with the photos I took of the fort.


We didn’t pay any entrance fees as there was noone at the booth to pay for it. LOL. There will be a lot of steps and climbs depending on how much of the fort you’d like to discover. I suggest for you to wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles as most of the climbs are quite slippery even if it’s not raining. Or maybe I’m just clumsy which is why I slipped a couple of times. LOL.

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