libraryThe Public Library of Corfu is the oldest public library in Greece. The principle goes back to the mid 18th century, when the library of the monastery of St. Justina of the Order of Franciscan friars, situated in the suburb Garitsa found the rich library of Canon James Saveriou Canal, theologian and bishop deputy of the Latins. These two libraries, which are estimated to comprise around 3,500 volumes, was the cornerstone of subsequent library “of former Ionian Academy.”

In the monastery of St. Justina monks studying medicine, therefore there were old writings concerning this science, the medical school operated within the monastery frequented by the sons of the nobility in 1650, and attracted the keen interest of Corfiot society. The Venetian Doria donated to the monastery his whole library ‘use of monks and citizens of Corfu. ” The monks accepting donations entrusted to define a library that would be open to all who wanted to come to study. During a gallokratias (1797-1799) goods of certain Catholic monasteries, among which the Ag.Ioustinis and Tenedos characterized public. The library, enriched with books and other monasteries, is the Public Library of Corfu, accounted for about 4,000 volumes. Corfiots among them Lazarus de Mordo, donate private libraries. John Marmora replaced at the Library by Gaetano Rusconi, a fanatic of revolution with the excuse that dealt Miracles papal authority (de auctoriatatae Papae). H library from May 1802 until October 1804 was under the direction of the Medical College (Collegio Medico) was attached to the Public School of Corfu housed in the monastery of Tenedos.

Public Library of CorfuDuring the beta gallokratias (1807-18140) library annexed the Ionian Academy and the management was entrusted to a committee of teachers. The first director was the Baron Emmanuel Mary. The French professor Latour succeeded a little later and for many years was director Michael Trivolis Pieri, botanist, member of the Ionian Academy, author of essays on the flora of Corfu. Then spiked with 1,585 volumes sourced from the Library of C. Theotoky, President of the Ionian State, offered by Andrew Kalogera.

(Est. 17th century)

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