Peroulathes or Peroulades is situated on the top North West coast line of Corfu. About 38km from Corfu town and around 50 minutes from Corfu town. Here you will find a traditional village with little accommodation available however Peroulathes is better known for Logas beach which is a little way from the village. Known locally as Sunset beach the views from the cliff top are stunning and it is worth coming here to watch the sunset, it is said to be one of the best view on the island. There is bar and restaurant situated on the cliff here which has a glass viewing platform. A little further back along the road there is another taverna and a shop. The beach can be reached by a winding path set into the cliffs, the beach at the bottom is narrow and made of clay, however the area is better known for its views than its beach. A little further along the road toward Sidari you will find the area known as Cape Drastis, the road down is steep and very sandy and you will require a 4×4 to navigate it, you can walk down but it is quite a way to the bottom but the views along the way are stunning along this headland, again at the bottom you will find a rocky seashore area that is made of clay but does offer some areas for sunbathing and swimming. The whole area is stunning and the views are spectacular.

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Watch The Sunset At Logas Beach (Peroulades)

Reproduced with Kind permission from  PINAY FLYING HIGH From Cape Drastis, we went to the nearby Peroulades beach which is also known as Logas Sunset Beach. It was a quiet day with not much people in the area, we found a parking spot quite easily. There is a steep,...
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