glassPerdita’s glass art creations are unique and exquisite. Her Tiffany-style wares range from small pieces of jewellery to tables topped with glass mosaic and include decorative such as lamps, mirrors and individual works of art – the impact of all that she creates is stunning. Perdita’s designs, using hand-made glass, are very special and each one requires a great deal of thought and imagination. Throughout the summer, visitors spend hours admiring her beautiful work and many take a piece home. Fans of her work often place commissions and order items from her which she ships all over the world. If you would like to personalise your home with bespoke interiors, then Perdita can also create window and door panels to your design. Popular pieces include candleholders, where the light glows through rich-coloured glass, and in one of her trademark designs, she cuts a section from an old Corfiot rooftile and fits it with a stained glass ‘window’ to make a backlighter.

glass1Perdita’s glass art is created using only the most precious handcrafted glass of the type famously produced for and used by Louis C. Tiffany. The resulting creations form fabulous lamps – which can be created and personalised for customers in any style – to sculptures which are a combination of glass, wood, stone and metal. Her jewellery is made of dichroic (two-coloured) glass made of multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals, like gold, silver, metal oxides and silica which are vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber and then fused in a kiln. The resulting colours can be combined in endless ways, resulting in an infinite collection of jewellery in every colour of the rainbow – rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

glass2Perdita Mouzakiti, who was born in Germany, first visited Corfu 30 years ago and dreamed of moving here permanently. Later she married Kostas, from Avliotes in North West Corfu. Her other love was making art from glass, which she worked at for many years in Germany. So when she moved to Avliotes she opened a workshop which could offer her art to local people. Then she decided to get closer to the summer visitors and moved to the resort of San Stefanos, near Sidari. With Kostas leaving his job to help with their new venture, they then took on the difficult task of marketing a handmade Corfiot product in competition with the cheap Asian factory products. They have managed not only to realize their dream in Corfu but export the products to other islands like Crete, Santorini and Samos, and now both Perdita’s husband and her sister work in the workshop and showroom. Perdita’s Glass Art is located on the road leading down towards San Stefanos beach and is open from the beginning of May until the end of October. All major credit cards are accepted.

glass3Perdita’s Glass Art can be found in San Stefanos (Agios Stephanos) on Corfu’s north-west coast between Arillas and Sidari. The showroom is an Aladdin’s Cave filled with a brightly coloured collection ranging from delicate pieces of jewellery to sculptures which combine stained glass and olive trees! The showroom is open every day from the beginning of May until the end of October. Outside the tourist season Perdita is always happy to arrange a private viewing of both the showroom and the workshop. Simply contact her to arrange an appointment. All major credit cards are accepted and orders can be shipped to any address.
Although you can often see her jewellery being made in the showroom, Perdita’s Glass Art is created in her workshop in the nearby village of Avliotes where she is helped by her husband and sister.

How to contact Perdita’s Glass Art


(+30) 26630 99027 – home
(+30) 26630 51384 – shop

(+30) 26630 99027

Perdita Mouzakitis,
Agios Stefanos, Avliotes,
49081, Corfu. Greece.


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