natfresh logoNatfresh is an organic farm specialising in the supply of freshly picked speciality herbs to order, organic Extra Virgin olive oil and Raw honey. We also produce sun dried tomatoes and a range of freshly made pesto’s infused with Mediterranean herbs and Eastern flavours.

Over the years we have developed our business to satisfy our ever-growing client base, both locally and overseas, always in keeping with the high quality standards our clients have come to know and expect from us.

Should you wish to order from us you can do so directly or through some of Corfu’s local provisioning companies, however always ask for us by name and look out for the Natfresh label!

honey natfreshOur honey is gathered from bees foraging on the wild blossoms of the Corfiot countryside. It has light fragrant flavours with hints of wild flowers and orange. It is extracted and bottled directly from the hive in its raw form without any heating or filtering, thus ensuring that all the goodness is passed on to you! Please note that due to the fact that our honey is not heated during extraction, in cooler temperatures the honey may set.

We specially bottle our honey to suit your needs and we are now proud to offer you, single portion honey jars!

olive natfreshWe hand-pick our olives at their prime before they have completely ripened as this ensures that our olive oil is of a very high quality and contains high levels of anti-oxidants. The olives are cold pressed and the oil is unfiltered which ensures that all the goodness is retained in the final bottled product.

Our olive oil has fruity flavours with a distinct peppery aftertaste.

herbs natfreshAll our herbs are freshly hand-picked to order. Great care is taken to ensure that only the freshest herbs are supplied according to your requirements on date of delivery. We provide a free delivery service to the Gouvia marina as well as to Corfu Town whilst we also consider deliveries to other parts of the island. Seasonal edible flowers are also grown on the organic farm.

A new addition to our offering is fresh pesto and sun-dried tomatoes!
Some of our combinations include Opal basil and sun-dried tomatoes or olives, spicy coriander and peanut pesto, parsley and walnut pesto as well as classic basil pesto’s. The pesto is made using our fresh organic herbs and organic Extra Virgin olive oil.

Tel (+30)697 655 2345


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