mavroudis1The Mavroudis family have been involved in the cultivation of olives for generations and own a large number of olive groves . In 1993 the Mavroudis brothers Spiros and Vangelis opened a very successful olive oil extraction plant which serves a large area of Corfu Greece .
Throughout this last year(2013) Spiros and Vangelis have been searching for artifacts depicting the traditional methods of olive oil extraction , including donkey and hand driven millstones dating from 1850,hand and diesel driven presses dating from 1906 and many more…..
These artifacts will be renovated to create a museum to depict olive oil production from the mid 1850s to present day, and will also provide an opportunity to buy the best quality of Extra virgin and Virgin olive oil produced from the Mavroudis olive oil press from locally grown olives .
The olive oil extraction plant is open every day for interested visitors ,Spiros and Vangelis will be happy to explain all the processes with a great opportunity to take photographs and understand a huge part of Corfu life in the winter.
The museum will be completed in the spring of 2014.




Mon – Sat: 09:00 – 20:00
Sun: 09:00 – 13:00

(+30) 2661 076759

The village of Vraganiotika, 49080 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece





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