fuegoshaThe South African artist, Louise du Toit, is an award-winning musician, singer, composer, arranger, lyricist, writer, actress and painter. Apart from her solo career as a performance artist, she is the singer of the international groups, Aineshana and “Fuego de Lunar”, the latter with which she has given more than 4500 performances the past 15 years. Her latest music projects are the forming of a new group with six vocalists and six musicians, titled “The Sha-Sha Sisters and the Dukes”, as well as the creation of a new dancing band for live performances in Corfu, in cooperation with Christos Koulouridis and four other artists. She continues to write musicals and her own songs, the latter of which several have been released as music videos, are being broadcast by radio stations all over the world.

Louise is also very active in the field of ANIMAL DEFENSE, using her music and art to spread a worldwide message of peace and environmental and wildlife preservation, working towards the well-being of all living creatures on earth. She recently founded “UGAWEProductions”, consisting of an artistic team working to create videos in defense of animals and the environment.

paint1Louise du Toit has been exhibiting her work as a drawing artist since May 2007, when she had her first art exhibition at the historic Art Gallery of Stablus on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece. It was titled “Under the African Sun” and introduced the visitors to the advanced technique of combining colorful drawings, paper-cutting and collage with subjects drawn from nature, landscapes and life in her continent of origin, Africa.

In 2008, she completed the music, lyrics, orchestrations and recordings of a collection of ten songs about African animals. These songs accompanied 10 of her 45 paintings at her second exhibition, which was held at the historic Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu in Greece in May 2008, under the title of “The Colors of Africa”. Her third exhibition, “Images of Africa”, in September 2008, was held at the magnificent Athens Residence of the South African Ambassador in Greece, and her fourth exhibition was held at the Corfu Imperial in October 2008.


Woccabocca Scenic Exhibition PosterThe Witch of Woccabocca - Stamatis Koulouridis as ZiziIn March 2011, Louise completed the script and music scores of her first full musical, “The Witch of Woccabocca”, of which the Greek translation was done by the distinguished Athens-based writer and poet, Panagiotis Xanthopoulos.

As the main director and scenic designer of “The Witch of Woccabocca”, she had the privilege of working with a great team of multi-cultural artists for several months, to finally deliver two very successful performances at the Municipal Theater of Corfu in Greece in May and December 2011, in collaboration with the Ionian Conservatory of Music.

A week after the first performance of her musical, “The Witch of Woccabocca”, in May 2011 at the Municipal Theater of Corfu in Greece, a colorful exhibition of the scenery, costumes and stage props of the play was held at the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu. She designed the background scenery in the form of four mobile, swirling triangles and collaborating for months with Prokopis Anthis to construct the challenging scenery, they created twelve charming backdrops for the four different scenes.

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