Liapades village is on the west coast about 20km from Corfu town and can be reached by car in about 30 minutes.  As you enter Liapades you can either turn left up to the main village square or right which will take you to the beach.

The village is very traditional with beautiful Ionian architecture, a central square and the church of St Anastasia built around 1600. The village is well worth a visit, you can stroll around the little streets or enjoy a drink at one of the local cafes, or just admire the view which stretches out to the Ropa valley.  On the road down to the beach you will discover plenty of Tavernas, bars and shops as well as along the beach itself. The beach is set in a beautiful cove with stunning scenery and is made up of sand and shingle. You can hire boats from here that will take you round to some of the caves and smaller coves that are only accessible from the sea.

Whether you are staying or just visiting Liapades it is worth finding the secluded beach of Rovinia set about 400 metres to the left of Liapades. As there are no signs you will need to turn of the Liapades road half way down, opposite a supermarket and follow this road down until you come to a parking area and from here it is a short walk to the beach, if you are unsure ask one of the locals who will be happy to point you in the right direction. Rovinia Beach was also the setting for the book ‘A house in Corfu’ written by the famous English author Emma Tennant, about her parents home here.


Discover The Local Area

Rovinia Cave (Liapades)

Trying to enter this cave could be very dangerous. Please be personally aware of any dangers before setting off. On the way to Liapades Beach, there is a supermarket called Athena, take the left hand road going up . In about 50 m you will reach a small crossroad...

Corfu Donkey Rescue (CDR) (Doukades)

The Corfu Donkey Rescue is the only donkey rescue on Corfu. The donkeys are old and often sick or injured; Our aim is to: Give the old a safe and happy retirement. Give the sick a chance of cure. Give the injured the chance of recovery. Give the abused the chance of...
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