lazarettoLazaretto Island is situated two nautical miles from the East coast of Corfu. The island can be seen from along the port road and lies between the larger Island of Vidos and the peninsulas of kontokali and kommeno. Lazaretto in Greek is Λαζαρέτο, and was formerly known as Aghios Dimitrios but during Venetian rule, in the early 16th century, a monastery and leprosarium was established there and it is after the leprosarium the island was named. During the Venetian period ships suspected to have the plague on board were put in quarantine here for forty days but despite these precautions Corfu was still affected by this disease on several occasions.
With an area of 17.5 acres the island is today administered by the Greek National Tourist Organization. During the French occupation in 1798, the island was occupied by the Russo-Turkish fleet which ran its military hospital from here and it was re-opened again in 1814 during the British occupation but was not used much after 1864.
During World War II, the German occupation established a concentration camp for the prisoners of the Greek National Resistance movement. There are various building still there today, these include a two-storied building that served as the Headquarters of the Italian army, a small church, and the wall against which those condemned to death were shot. Every year on the 27th May the residents of Corfu that lost family or loved ones, make a pilgrimage to the island and put flowers on the wall where the prisoners were shot.

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