krouzeriKrouzeri Beach is longer than its neighbours and is made up of Pebbles and shingle. The hotel Nissaki beach can be found at the far end and non-residents are welcome to use the facilities. There are several tavernas and apartments along the beach. Krouzeri is a lovely beach it is a popular stop for boat trips and the swimming and snorkelling is extremely good. There are also water sports and diving facilities to be found along the beach. At the far end of the beach you will find a coastal path that makes up part of the Corfu trail. The path is located at the far end of the hotel and you have to walk through the hotel to reach it. The path takes you to the next bay round which is Agni, however there has been some building work along this path with a number of villas being built. The path has been moved as new villas are built but is clearly marked by red paint along the way and you will have to walk across a villa complex to continue on the path.

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