Korission Lagoon corfuKorission Lagoon is situated on the south west coast of Corfu. The lake is the largest of three on Corfu and covers and area of 6000 acres. From its sand covered dunes on one side to the soft sands of the sea on the other, this area is both beautiful and wild. The wind swept dunes covered in Juniper bushes meets the beaches of St Georges, Issos and at its far end separated by a small inlet channel the beach of Halikounas. Along the lagoons shores you can find an ancient rare cedar forest, 14 different species of sand orchids and the rare sand lily Pancratium maritimum
This is a protected area in Corfu and is abundant with flora and wildlife and the area is listed on the European Environment agencies website and is a protected area categorised on the European Nature Information System (EUNIS) under Natura 2000.
In 1992 legislation was introduced to protect the most seriously threatened habitats across Europe and Natura 2000 was the result of this legislation bringing together special areas of protection and conservation.
Full details including Fauna and Flora in the area and other useful information can be found on the link below;
It is an important stop for migrating birds on their journey from Africa to Europe and at certain times of the year, over 2000 birds seek refuge in the Lake, including a wide variety of water birds, flamingos, swans and falcons. This is a beautiful and largely unspoilt region, with great walks, long soft sandy beaches and great scenery.

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