- Bellos Klimataria Restaurant - Στου Μπέλλου_ Εστιατόριο Κληματαριά aThe Klimataria fish restaurant is a small family business, founded by Nikos and Lilly Bellos. It opened in February 1997 in the quaint fishing village of Benitses, Corfu, and is open from February to November. Since Klimataria only has eleven tables (six on its porch and five in its beautiful interior), we recommend you book early on 26610-71201, to give us an opportunity to best serve you.

The Klimataria fish restaurant was born out of our love for traditional food, always prepared by us using the best, fresh ingredients generously offered by Corfu’s nature. Nikos and Lilly prepare all the dishes daily: Nikos all the fresh fish and all the spicy and hot dishes; and Lilly the fresh salads and the delightful desserts. At the Klimataria fish restaurant we take great pride in the excellence and freshness of our ingredients and the high quality of our dishes; when it comes to our food, we will make no compromises!

- Bellos Klimataria Restaurant - Στου Μπέλλου_ Εστιατόριο ΚληματαριάThe Klimataria fish restaurant is located at the centre of the quaint fishing village of Benitses, Corfu, across the new boat marina, inside a beautiful historic building. The Benitses fishing village lies 10 km South of the City of Corfu, on the way to Lefkimi (Kerkira-Lefkimi National Road).

Nikos Bellos
Klimataria fish restaurant
Benitses, Corfu, Greece
Tel. (+30) 26610-71201

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