kantounistas logoThe Kantounistas group started in November 2010, when a few friends and strangers got together over the internet and decided to stop moaning about everything that bothered us in and around our town of Corfu, and actually get out there, get dirty and do something about it! We ve been going strong now for 3 years, we have cleaned up graffiti, beaches, playgrounds, old paths and various neglected areas, we gave out beach ashtrays, we collected food and clothes for the Red Cross, we’ve painted schools, cut loads of grass…and much more! We help wherever we can, we stay away from any political involvement and whatever we do, we do it with a smile because we have so much fun doing it!
There are many groups like us all over Greece, with Atenistas in Athens being by far the biggest and more organised and we get some ideas from them but mostly what we do, we decide amongst ourselves, we very often pay for it ourselves and basically this way we stay independent without any conflict of interests!

Our facebook page is the best way to contact us and we also have a blog kantounistas.blogspot.com

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