kantoniIn a property of 42 acres, section of a broader area, that formerly belonged to the Kapodistrias family inspirer of the unity among the Swiss Cantons and supporter of the importance of sufficiency and autonomy, that are given to a land by its goods, among vineyards, olive groves and a crowd of fruit-growing trees there is extended the CANTONI.
The buildings that participate in the space are representative of the Venetian Times of the 18th Century and house, today, old residences, as well as a unique Chapel.
Present days’ additions, in the standards of modern times, will constitute the watermill, the carousel and the traditional restaurant with fresh products directly deriving by Canton’s fertile ground.
Local Cuisine

In the heart of the forest, overlooking on one side the traditional village Korakiana built above the olive groves and the other the Old Fortress of Corfu, you will enjoy endless variety of seasonal dishes with fresh products of the farm production and traditional recipes from Corfu to Constantinople, from Crete to the Sea and favorite dishes of Northern Greece. People with experience and respect for the traditions and history, have cared for a unique culinary experience.

kantoni3Visit CANTONI from morning until late afternoon to recognize varieties of aromatic plants and fruit trees, wander the small zoo and enjoy the richness of Greek land on your plate.
Recreation Park

The CANTONI while fully respecting the architectural lines, it deliveredby its predecessors but also the Greek culinary tradition, gives visitors the chance to travel in time and escape from the stress of everyday life. Boulders and stone walls, Venetian ertes and pillars, arches and courtyards, elaborate railings, nails and iron bars, embossed wall decorative, old wagons, plows handmade wooden fences and wheels fit perfectly into the natural surroundings.
The CANTONI is a space specially designed to meet the variety of guests’ needs and so its specially shaped spaces can accommodate from a simple to a highly demanding event.
Special place in the benefits and roles of the estate hold apart from all adult ages, all school age and university students who enjoy creative games, contact with nature, sport and healthy diet combining education with entertainment.

kantoni2Venues Capacities
Interior 120 seated, 200 standing
Verandas 100 seated, 200 standing
Green 800 for seated dining, 2000 standing
Picnic Area 100 seated, 1000 standing”

Ωράριο λειτουργίας:
Καθημερινά (εκτός Δευτέρας) από τις 11:00 το πρωί έως αργά το βράδυ.
Opening hours:
Daily (except Sunday evening and Monday all day) from 11:00 am until late at night.

Address: 14th km Paleokastritsas N.R.
Postal Code: 49083 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece
Contact mobile number: (+30) 698 879 9070
On our official website one may easily find us through google map.
Directions: 100m. after the Giatron bridge on the way to Korakiana there are road signs showing to the drivers all the way to Ktima Kantoni left and then all the way straight ahead.




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