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As a team we are looking forward to showing you, parts of Corfu you never knew existed. We shall also be visiting some of the Island hotspots, and places some of you maybe familiar with. Its an exciting project for all involved, and we look forward to you joining us on this journey !!!

INSIDE CORFU 3, episode 09/2014, “From the North to the South”, Corfu island Greece, Korfu, Kerkyra INSIDE CORFU 2, episode 08/2014, “A day in the Capital”, Corfu island in Greece, Korfu, Kerkyra INSIDE CORFU 1, episode 07/2014, Corfu island in Greece, Korfu, Kerkyra

based on an idea by Andreas Jontsch

Producer: Andreas Jontsch
Presenter: Robert Goodman
Researcher: Lynda Bray
Researcher: Sarah Marie Jacques
Marketing : Claudia Bischoff
Marketing : Sarah Marie Jacques
Editor: Andreas Jontsch
Graphicdesign: Dave Good
Music: GEORGE V and others
Camera: Andreas Jontsch
Camera assistant: Dave Ashford


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Phone: +30 694-94 90 505 Andreas Jontsch

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