Blowing my own trumpet (because no-one else is going to)

I recently enjoyed a Sunday lunch, at Plori Taverna in Paramonas, with an English friend I met through the Corfu Trail. He’d come with some friends for a midsummer break at Agios Gordis. Some of the group joined me for the lunch. Of course I hadn’t met any of the others, and it was very interesting to discover that they knew about a few of my books. One couple told me that they’d first visited Agios Gordis nine years ago, and had been back every year since. They’d told friends and family, so that this year they’d come as a group of 21, scattered all round the resort but meeting up for various activities, including a 21st birthday party. What had brought them to Corfu in the first place, and kick started this mass- holidaying? Well, this first couple had been to a few Greek islands, never back to the same one twice.
Then someone had suggested Corfu, and they’d answered ‘Oh, no, we’re not going there! It’s spoilt.’ Then the recommender passed them a book, the contents of which caused them to reconsider. And this book was? My own ‘In the Footsteps of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell in Corfu’. Result!

And another result: After I posted my review of the ebook ‘Short Breaks in Mordor’, I sent a link to the author, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, who blogs on an almost daily basis on the MailOnline site – by visitor numbers the biggest news site in the world. He very kindly reciprocated by linking back to my blog on this site, and writing me a very nice note of thanks. That link will remain for as long as the blog is on the site, though it will eventually leave the main page. Our host Adrian reported increased traffic as a result. So, just because of a little work, Real Corfu gains a raised profile, and everyone featured on it enjoy a vastly increased potential readership. Everyone benefits, and that’s how the Internet should work; it should stop being a forum for nasty trolls and bullies. And perhaps someone else who is under the impression that Corfu is ‘spoilt’ will have their mind changed by the great Real Corfu site.

P.S. I wish the travel companies would pay me commission…

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