walk 05-04-14 (7)At a loose end in the Internet Cafe recently, I googled myself, as you do. Actually, I haven’t done this for several years, so it was interesting to see what’s at the top spot and what’s been relegated (number 1 is my blog on the Real Corfu site). Skimming down the pages, I spotted an entry from the Rare Books Department of Princeton University. Evidently, two of my articles are contained in the Archive of the Friends of Albania, and I was reading a pdf copy of its ‘Finding Aid’.
The two articles relate to a visit I paid to Albania in 1991, in the company of a Greek journalist friend, before even the very first ‘democratic’ election. I have no recollection of writing the second of the two articles (‘Nano vs Berisha’), which is correctly credited to The Corfiot Magazine of November 1998. However, the first one, ‘The Road to Albania’, is uncredited. This lack of accreditation is rather amusing, as it makes the circa 2000 word article appear as if it is a proper book. I can imagine some nerdy figure desperately searching through second-hand and rare-book shops for a copy of something that doesn’t exist.
Despite the error, it’s rather gratifying to be listed on the same database as such luminaries as Balkan experts James Pettifer, Miranda Vickers and Micha Glenny, politico Paddy Ashdown, critic AA Gill, and travel writer Jan Morris (though less so in the case of Kim Philby, the ubiquitous Corfu-knocker Helena Smith and Sarah Ferguson, who seems to have mentioned Albania in her ‘autobiography’).
But you have to ask: How on earth did material from The Corfiot find its way to Princeton Uni?

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