A notice about Walkers’ Christmas Lunch, Saturday 20 December Luckily, it looks as if the weather will be clear on Saturday morning.
In the event of a sudden change, despite the good forecast, the walk will be called off and we will meet at Navigators at 1.00.
All this of you who have booked, please be aware that your booking was a commitment, unlike on our normal Saturday walks when attendance at lunch is casual. If any person who has booked fails to turn up, I will be obliged to pay the full amount for their uneaten dinner/s. That is the new rule at Navigators, understandable as they have been let down on numerous occasions. Please don’t be one of them.
A little aside: Today I spotted the first Anemone, about a month earlier than usual, looking a little bedraggled from being bombarded by pouring rain, but nevertheless holding its purple head up high.

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