I’ve never known an Easter like it. Freezing northerlies instead of humid gusts from the south. Frost on the grass and and an iced-over windscreen. Zero temperatures at sun-up. The spring flowers are making an effort in warmer middays, but are by no means as abundant as usual.

Most of the asphodel spikes keeled over and turned brown before the star-like flowers could bloom.

A wonderful resource for our flowers is the website www.corfuflowers.com . I have saved the pages in my laptop so I can use the site whilst offline. You could print them off to identify flowers in the field. Each bloom is pictured and identified by its name in Latin, and English if it has one. Usefully, the listings establish the place and date the photographs were taken – the majority of them by John Waller as he walked the Corfu Trail in 2009, an adventure chronicled in his book ‘Walking the Corfu Trail with Friends, Flowers and Food’. John has also authored two Corfu memoirs, ‘Greek Walls’ and ‘Corfu Sunset’, and two family histories, ‘Irish Flames’ and ‘Atlantic Affair’. He also published Theresa Nicholas’ magical ‘Corfu Sketches – a thirty year journey’.

John, who visited the island briefly for Greek Easter, tells me that his Corfu Trail title is now available as an ebook, taking its place alongside the also-electronic ‘Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail’.

Find more information about John’s books at www.yiannisbooks.com .

John also informs me that he and his wife Yanni took a last minute cruise to the epicentre of our recent eclipse near the Faroe Islands, lucky people. Corfu only caught the edge; was it only me, or was it very odd? The sun continued to blaze but there was a peculiar cast to the light. It was as if someone was fiddling with a photo-edit programme and had flipped the sharpness and saturation slides to full right. The sky was bluer, colours a shade darker and shapes sharp-defined. Altogether rather different to the 1999 eclipse when everything went a bit grey and fuzzy round the edges!

I wish all readers a very joyful Greek Easter.

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