Hilary’s Blog 11-01-2015

royal christmasThis is a bit off topic, having nothing to do with Corfu (except that one person mentioned was born here), or walking, or nature (well, perhaps human nature). Christmas has come and gone, and as every year the online papers have covered the plans and activities of the Royal Family, who at this season are ensconced at Sandringham, in Norfolk.
The reports have made much of the presence of the Duchess of Cambridge’s family, the Middletons and their other offspring, Pippa and James, at events and celebrations. For instance, they were present at the Royals’ Christmas Morning Service, and were invited on Prince Philip’s Boxing Day Shoot.
Readers’ comments on the stories have been mainly negative, if not insulting, and the main recipient of the bile is Kate’s mother Carole.
She’s described as ‘pushy’ and ‘snobby’, and according to comments she is ‘lording it all over us’.
But it is interesting to note that the Middletons are the only in-laws of any of the Queen’s children who receive invitations to important events, such as the Jubilee, Ascot (where they travelled in the Queen’s procession), and now Sandringham (though of course they are staying nearby at the Cambridges’ new home, Anmer Hall). I believe that this says a lot about the Middletons – and it’s not what the poison pens say. What it says to me is that the Queen and Prince Philip like Kate’s parents. If they were the wicked, sycophantic social climbers they are accused of being, I am sure that the Royal couple would have noticed (having had much practice over the decades), and would have adeptly and politely kept them at bay.
Michael and Carole Middleton must be very proud of their daughter and delighted that she has made an advantageous and happy marriage. Any parent would be. And any good parent will use whatever resources they have to place their child in a position where they may be advantaged, such as sending them to a school and to a university where advantages may pan out. This is what the aspiring classes have done for centuries. Jane Austen’s novels were almost exclusively about it. The debutante tradition constituted its zenith (now replaced by the ‘right uni’).
The people who make these unpleasant comments tell us a lot more about themselves than they do about the Middletons. These people project their own sentiments on others they do not know (I once experienced the same during a period of malignant internet abuse). Since they have knowledge only of their own characters to judge others by, they inform us that this is how they would feel and behave in a similar position; they don’t give us any insight (how can they?) into how Mrs Middleton herself feels or behaves. Behind the wall of condemnation, they are ridden with envy and begrudge others’ success, and to compensate they accuse the others of harbouring the feelings they themselves harbour.
Envious too that perhaps because of their own ineptitudes and lack of enterprise, they have dismally failed themselves and their own offspring. So all they can do is scoff and jeer, as my own critics did.
At the start of the New Year, this blog wishes the Cambridges more happiness. And to lovely cuddly George and his soon-to-be sibling, I
say: have a wonderful life!

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