We have a real Bookshop!
For I think the first time ever, I have been obliged to make Bill Gates even richer. Against my wishes, but obligatory for a guidebook update job I have been offered, I bought a Microsoft Office programme.
As my computer is a Mac, I can’t acquire any old Microsoft; it has to be from the only store which offers Apple support, a store amusingly called ‘Public’ (formerly Multimedia).
Tech support, which enacted the very complicated loading of the programme (involving a long telephone call to Microsoft; I wonder how they even imagined that I could load the thing myself!) is in the basement. A surprise came: half of the basement has been converted to a bookshop. A proper, real bookshop, not one full of school textbooks.
A bookshop such as I have only seen in Athens.
It is arranged in well-ordered sections, for example: ‘History’, ‘Ancient Greek Language and Philosophy’, ‘Fiction in Translation’, ‘Greek Fiction’… AND ‘English Language Fiction’. Yes, English books!
The hour that I had to wait for programme-loading was happily spent browsing the shelves, and it was a far cry from the Hellenic Distribution outlets in tourist shops, both in the available selection and the price. I even bought a book, the first time since I was unable to resist the final Harry Potter. It was the nearly 900 page ‘I am Pilgrim’, highly recommended by a friend, and it cost an affordable
8.99 euros.
The English Language Fiction shelves hold classics of course, but also modern bestsellers, and thrillers including the ‘Game of Thrones’
For those of you who live here and are interested, ‘Public’ is at Solari, on the very commercialised section of the main road out of Corfu Town to the north (21, Paleokastritsa Road) near the banks. It has its own (small) parking area, and the staff are very pleasant too.
There’s also a branch in Town.


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