This week I was very lucky to be able to participate in part of the “Gerald Durrell Week” in Corfu. Experts including Dr Lee Durrell – widow of Gerald Durrell, Dr David Bellamy, Peter Sutton, Dr David Shimwell and Bo and Marie Stille were all part of the team.


Gerald Durrell’s Corfu was ably hosted for the past few years by the Durrell School of Corfu, but, sadly, the School closed in the summer of 2014. Fortunately, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the conservation organisation established by Gerald in Jersey in the Channel Islands, has agreed to take Gerald Durrell’s Corfu under its wing, and Alexina and David Ashcroft will continue to run it from northern Corfu. This event will take place in Spring every year and open to anyone interested in the wildlife and flora of this island. You are welcome whether you are an expert or amateur, for further details and information on how to participate

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