folksinThe Historic – Folklore Museum of Messi, Corfu, was inaugurated in August 1982 in the traditional village of Sinarades, 13 kilometres from Corfu Town, while since 1985 it is housed in a private old two-storey mansion. Access to the house’s first floor is provided by an external stone staircase, which ends in a “bontzos” (veranda). This floor presents a rural house of a medium financial condition, as it evolved within a century (1860-1960) in the villages of Messi regionof Corfu.

The house includes a “portigo” (entrance), a kitchen, a dining room, a hall and a bedroom. The respective furniture and utensils have been placed in those rooms.

On the left side of the entrance to the first floor there is a door to the internal staircase which leads to the second floor. We are in a small room which is a library, an archive of old documents and certain small collections.

We go up two steps and we get into a big room with folk sections:

Corfu costumes and musical instruments.
Tools for agriculture
Hand-mill and “mountzouri”.
Measures – Weights – Balances
Shoe-making workshop
Corfu ceramics
Fishing collection
Chirdren’s corner
Tools for home handicraft and repairing.
The Messi Folk Museum is open daily (from May to October), except for Mondays, from 9.30am till 2.00 pm (tel. 26610-54962).

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