The Opening Night of FIRSTHING&NOEL in Corfu

Living with art
Art is living
Art is for everyone
Art is affordable



Living with art;
Art is living.
Art is for everyone.
Art is affordable.

Everyone has their hidden artist inside. It’s just up to you to find it, and hand over the knowledge to your kids. To see objects differently again, to see behind an object, to see the man, the creator.
Producing our own object is unique and unrepeatable. That carries our soul, our marks with it.
This is what a mass product can’t do. Mass production destroys something essential. Machines produce products without soul and cause unemployement. Let’s bring back to our everyday life the esteem of objects from the era of our grandparents. When something broke they fixed it instead of quickly changing it for a new one.
Art is watching and acting differently. You can be an artist. Anyone can be. Unique and unrepeatable.

Here you can;
Become inspired,
Learn about art and crafts,
Create your own objects,
Buy art pieces, lovely presents and memories to take home,
A place where you can pop in anytime you pass by, a place which is a must to visit for any of your friends who come to Corfu. For us it was love at first sight. When we saw the abandoned old empty house in Gouvia (8 km away from Kerkyra) we knew that this was the place that we were looking for as our future work/shop. We knew that we would turn it into a common space of art, where from creating to sharing, and selling our art products we can make reality all our dreams.

It’s not simply a shop ,we offer;
Ceramics and fine art workshop and showroom,
Do your own ceramics with raku technique,
Learn and create art pieces twice a week,
Organize with us your stylish art birthday party with a workshop for you or for your kids,
Interiour design for your restaurant, bar, bistro or apartment.
On the groundfloor there is Laci’s workshop and showroom where anyone can see in real time how the ceramics are made. On the first floor Eniko’s studio and art programs for everyone.
On the weekends we offer RAKU & fine art workshops from early afternoon till late night in the back garden.
RAKU is a ceramics making technique and has a huge draw for many potters because of its excitement and unpredictability. That’s why every single piece becomes unique and unrepeatable and also because it is made by your own hands. On this workshop everyone can make their own piece of art ceramic or any art object and take it home or give it as a present.
If you don’t have time to take part in our workshop, on weekdays it’s possible to make your own painting on an existing form and you can pick it up after firing by the raku technique a few days later.
From autumn we will offer different workshops from the age of 5 to 100 to anyone who would like to make things with their own hands, would love to learn about making things, would like to turn all its inspirations into objects.
We both design interiors and exteriors (bar, bistro, restaurant, apartments). The interior design does not only include the ideas of setting the new enviroment but also we design furniture and objects for the space. We also can make the owners own designs upon for request.
For companies and individuals also we are capable of making individual small objects in bigger amounts with a customized logo or pattern. (Eg wine stoppers, tiles, bowls, trays, paintings, design products)
Keeping an eye on that all our products are unique and unrepeatable but for an affordable price.
Our other offer, Art Birthday is for everyone who is a fan of art or would just want to have a unique and unrepeatable birthday. We organize not only the artful and tasteful set decoration design with the parents input for the party but also give high level creative workshops during the event. Above all upon request we make photos , videos and postcards from an art perspective of the birthday.

e n i k o o r o s z – audio visual artist & designer
l a s z l o n e m e t h – ceramics artist & designer

We are Hungarians with a mediterranean soul who were always looking for a place where we felt more at home than ever. When we came to Corfu – visiting a friend – we felt it was something different. We said: yes, we need to be on this island, yes we need to be surrounded by the Ionian sea, yes the air is very familiar. Since that visit we couldn’t think about anything else than coming here. Now we are here and we feel finally, we’ve arrived.
Our brand name FIRSTHING&NOEL reflects us. Firsthing refers to any „first thing” that is always unique and unrepeatable. Noel is coming from our monogram.
You are welcome at any time of day to come in, look around and say hello in our work/shop.

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