PrintThe restaurant was built in 1990 on Vlahatica’s steep slope. A small but traditionally styled building, is literarily hooked on to the rocky slope above Kalami’s beautiful bay. Gerald and Lawrence Durrell’s White House still stands at the south side of Kalami bay and is the house where “My family and other Animals” and “Black Olives” were written.

The views and colours are magnificent as the day goes by and the light changes. The blue sea in front, the green Bay and the grey Albanian mountains across the water create a magic atmosphere.
The little restaurant traditional in style and atmosphere, but still modern represents Dimitri’s – the owners – life, character and ambitions. Decorated with old family pictures, tools from the past, old musical instruments, paintings from local village artists and model boats made by his own fatherCaptain Spiro. Through the interior you can see Dimitri’s hobby, horse riding and now a 2nd business.

dimitris1The kitchen is the part of the restaurant that Dimitris is very proud of and he welcomes any of his clients to come and see how the food is prepared as an old and vanishing Greek tradition in the old “magiria”

The Greek cuisine is not only “mousaka” or “ souvlakia ”.

Sophisticated combination, made from local ingredients – in food terms.

dimitris2Greek food is where East meets West. Simple and yet complicated. Light but tasty plates, beautifully presented, make the restaurant that little bit more that a simple taverna. Twenty-two years of experience contributes to improving year after year and fulfilling the guests expectations. The name “Nouveau Greek Cuisine” was given by one of the clients in describing Dimitri’s choice of food, in one British news paper.

A lot of effort is made to select the best ingredients. Dimitri maintains a little vegetable farm where he is in the process of becoming certified organic producer.

However good might be the food it is not good enough unless is accompanied with good wine. Dimitri makes a point in selecting a variety of wines from small Greek producers often certified organic. A variety of other drinks, aperitifs and cocktails are also on the menu.

dimitris3Music evenings are organized regularly with light Greek music for something different to the usual. Parties, wedding receptions, birthdays are organised in a special and very personal ambience and service to meet and exceed the guests’ expectations. Dimitri’s guarantee is his 22 years experience and his excellent team!

tel +30 26630 91172
tel +30 6973328513
tel. +30 6977 399481

address: Dimitris Katsaros, Gimari – Kalami , Corfu






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