dimhorse1DIMITRIS HORSE RIDING opened in the year 2003, in the area called Avlaki, Kassiopi and is the only riding school on the island that was created with rescue horses.
The love for the animals, the care and the right training has given life again to the once unhappy animals, and they are ready to offer you special moments riding in one of the most beautiful areas of Corfu.
Even if you have never ridden before come along for a new experience, come and visit us to see for yourself what is that we offer. You will have the opportunity to meet the animals find out about their individual stories and what they have gone through.
By joining us you also help our effort to save more horses that have been neglected and abandoned around the island, and give them house.
We believe that each one of us can contribute.

Dimitri’s Horse Riding is located in a beautiful unspoiled peninsular between Kassiopi’s little fishing harbor and St Stefanos fishing village. “An Area of exceptional Natural beauty”, an ecosystem, where its inhabitants’ small animals,insects, birds and flowers, bushes and trees have created a little paradise of nature.
In the relevant article of the local Journal “My Kerkyra” 1 , 2 the area is described in some detail 1 , 2.

Riding customized for people of any age and level. It combines a little guided tour around the peninsular, which is of outstanding beautiful.
The horses, some from Northern Greece some from the rest of the Balkans, are trained to take you on unforgettable rides along the unspoiled paths. You will catch glimpses of forgotten beaches and a little lake. It is a unique experience.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur tours differ depending on your needs and experience.
We have riding tours for beginners or kids, simple enough for anybody to take part in. We also do tours for people with some experience, the ride is a little bit more demanding and takes you near the turquoise-blue sea, where you can ride along the beach.
The most demanding ride takes you up the steep hills of the peninsular, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the view from some splendid locations. All this is waiting for you.
The area is known for its cool sea breeze even in the hot summer months. On your return you are offered cool refreshment at the stables.
The tours run at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily 7 days a week from May to October.
We offer a choice of a 45 minutes ride, a 1,20 minutes ride, a 1,45 minutes special riding tour, a 2,30 minutes special riding tour,or for more adventures riders full day ride.
Our aim is to offer you a pleasant couple of hours close to the nature and the animals that we love, safely. Let us choose a tour for you with the promise that you will have a wonderful experience.

tel +30 6973328513

tel. +30 6977 399481




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