dimitra_klironomouDimitra Klironomou was born in Karousades a village in the north west of Corfu.
From a very early age she showed an interest in pencil and colours. At the age of 16 she started paining, making collages and working with clay. She has also painted on old pieces of wood which she is exceptionally good at and loves to do.
She began her lessons in painting in 1999 beside the well-known artist Markos Banos in Acharavi Corfu.
From the years 2001-08 she studied and graduated with honours from the Arts School of Corfu, having teachers such as Melina Grammenou, Spiros Alamanos and Eva Karidi a sculptor of European fame.
From the years 2004-05 she attended a course given by Natalie Konstantis in aquarella.
She is a member of EIKE, Unesco Piraeus and islands and a former member of the Ionian Theatre.
Her realistic style and colourful tones characterize her work. Her main themes are the woman’s body and face. She aims to capture the look and mood by making faces “speak” through peace, love and anger which are depicted in her work. The mystic language she tries to convey to the art lovers leaves him/her to fulfill the image with him/her own personal taste.

2002 group exhibition held in the public theatre

2005 group exhibition in the Art school

2006 took part in the Ionian Art Exhibition in Lefkada exhibiting her work
“Home, Love and Nature”

2007 participated in the panhellenic exhibition of the Parnassos Literary Society where she received honours for her piece “Lady in Light”

2007 group exhibition in the Art school

2007 group exhibition organized by the municipality of Thimalion Corfu

2008 Ionian exhibition in Lefkada displaying her work “Girls with the Lillies”

dimitra_klironomou22008 Arts School group exhibition under the heading “Collage and Colours”

2009 took part in the exhibition “Hangings” which was held in the art café Corfu, a branch of the public gallery

2009 individual exhibition held in the Old Fortress in the public library

2009 Corfu Gallery group exhibition 2011-12 she took a part in the exhibition “Parallel roads” in Thessaloniki. Her work can been seen in the American art magazine Dictionary of artist 2011 and the book of Christos Korfiatis ” Κέρκυρα απ’ ‘οπου χαράζει ως όπου βυθά ”

She has also been awarded by the Greek Literary society “We honour creators” in 2008

Her works also can be seen in Corfu Gallery and in certain private collection.

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