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We are a group of young people who have grown up and live in Corfu. We love our city and we also love cycling. The bicycle apart from being an ecologic and alternative means of transport it helps us cultivate our spirit and exercise our body.

We suggest bike rides within the city, with the aim to get to know the heart of the civilization in Corfu, the historic city (a world heritage monument of Unesco), to wander in the traditional alleys (“kantounia’’) and in the old city quarters where we will meet its ordinary and friendly inhabitants. Moreover, by bicycle we will get to know and we will admire all the historic, religious, spiritual, cultural and fortification monuments that prove the glorious past of Corfu, a past which for centuries has been the crossroads of the civilizations.

Take part in this unforgettable and exciting trip making your very own history as you ride your bicycles!

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Contact Information

Xenofontos Stratigou 64 & Gardikioti,
Madouki (New Port),
Corfu 49100
Telephone: +30 6972313200
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