Corfu Villages (12)Hi, my name is Steve Ford and i have been married to my wife Ann for 23 years. We have two children, Eva aged 18 and Bobby aged 15. I have been visiting Corfu for over 25 years and have a small apartment in the olive groves on the edge of the village of Pelekas. Corfu is our second home and we visit as many times a year as we can. It is because of my passion for the Island that i have written the Corfu Villages ebook. Now I want to pass that knowledge on and give all profits to the charities and villages of Corfu.


Corfu Villages (15) Corfu Villages (14)The idea for the ebook about Corfu villages came about when I was asked to be a moderator for the travel and tourism section for the new which was launched in January 2012.

The first book will be about the central Corfu villages. The second and third will be about the villages of the north and the villages of the south.

All the villages in the book have their own story to tell. They are all unique for some reason or another whether it be for their history, landmarks, local traditions or views. Each one has been visited and photographed by me and each one that was chosen had to meet certain criteria so that the visitor would enjoy their trip to the hidden wonders of the real Corfu as it has remained for centuries.

I would like to thank you for buying the book and all of the people who have helped and supported me throughout, you know who you are.  Enjoy…Steve.

Corfu Villages (9)The resorts of Corfu have been famous since the 60′s and 70′s, but the villages have been famous for centuries. The difference is, they haven’t been discovered yet!

A walk away from the resorts are some of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Europe.

Remember the first time you came to Greece. The hospitality, the friendliness, the traditional way of life… It still lives on in the villages today.

I will show you these villages, and you will love the people you meet there, I promise you.

The ebook is in full colour and text. All the photographs are new and have taken by me. Most of which have never been seen before.

corfu villages bookBook 2 now available


Corfu Villages (4) Corfu Villages (3)The ebook is also now available on a Kindle edition, but in text only.

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To make a donation to help the charities we support in Corfu, please donate using PayPal on:   Any donation however small is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to all of the people and animals of Corfu at this difficult time.






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