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Corfu (Greek: Κέρκυρα – Kérkyra) is a city and a former municipality on the island of CorfuIonian IslandsGreece. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is part of the municipality Corfu, of which it is a municipal unit.It is the capital of the island and of the Corfu regional unit. The city also serves as a capital for the region of the Ionian Islands. The city is a major tourist attraction, and has played an important role since the 8th century. The city has become known as a Kastropolis (Castle City) because of its two castles. In 2007, the old town of the city was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.The municipal unit of Corfu city has a land area of 41.905 km2(16.180 sq mi) and a total population of 39,487 inhabitants. Besides the city of Corfu/Kérkyra, its largest other towns are Kanáli (pop. 3,556), Potamós (2,365), Kontokáli (1,616), Alepoú (1,606), and Gouviá (952).

The town of Corfu stands on the broad part of a peninsula, whose termination in the Venetian citadel (Greek: Παλαιό Φρούριο) is cut off from it by an artificial fosse formed in a natural gully, with a salt-water ditch at the bottom, that serves also as a kind of marina known as Contra-Fossa. The old city having grown up within fortifications, where every metre of ground was precious, is a labyrinth of narrow streets paved with cobblestones, sometimes tortuous but mostly pleasant, colourful and sparkling clean. These streets are called “kantounia” (καντούνια) and the older ones sometimes follow the gentle irregularities of the ground while many of them are too narrow for vehicular traffic. There is promenade by the seashore towards the bay of Garitsa (Γαρίτσα), and also a handsome esplanade between the town and the citadel called Liston  (Λιστόν) where upmarket restaurants and European style bistros abound. The origin of the name Liston has several explanations: many former Venetian cities have a square of that name, coming from a Venetian word meaning evening promenade, but it can also refer to the closed-list aspect of an up-scale area reserved to the nobility registered in the Libro d’Oro.

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Icon – Art Gallery (Corfu Town)

ICON is a new boutique art gallery in Corfu, Greece, that brings together artists and craftspeople from across Greece to showcase the Greek iconographic tradition and Greek heraldry.

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Restaurant Anthos (Corfu Town)

Restaurant Anthos is a family business. Clients will find a romantic atmosphere, fresh food and good wine. We bake our bread and our create fresh desserts every day. We serve just fresh fish and meat. Top quality but and very reasonable prices. Maniarizi arlioti 15... read more

REX Restaurant (Corfu Town)

REX Restaurant was founded in 1932 by Kassimi family who ran it until 1945. Yiannis Dimoulitsas managed the restaurant for the decade after Kassimis’ family. Now the restaurant belongs to the Katsaros family. The first one was Nikolas Katsaros who started... read more

The Bar (Corfu Town)

Cafe Bar (+30)695 061 1851 Monday: Spiros Alexakis Tuesday: RnB Scandalous by Dj Telkis Wednesday: Dj Antonis M Thursday: Greek Night with Michaelo Mike Friday: Alex Mandylas Saturday: Alex Mandylas w / Dj Telkis... read more

Plous Book shop & Cafe (Corfu Town)

ΠΛΟΥΣ ΒΙΒΛΙΟΠΩΛΕΙΟΝ ΚΑΦΕ N. Theotoki 91, Corfu Town Tel. 26610 35191 Get Directions For Driving Walking Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid Tolls Avoid Highways From To Fetching... read more

Rammos – Floral Structures (Corfu Town)

Discover the essence of life through flowers…for they voice what the heart is discerning…… but words fail to express..!! Facilities Church decoration and wedding reception Bridal bouquet Company – Corporate gifts Decorations facilities, offices, companies.... read more

Tsipouradiko Restaurant (Corfu Town)

Greek, Mediterranean, Seafood. Prosalendou Street (Behind the Courthouse, Old port, Corfu) Tel (+30) 26610 82240 Facebook Get Directions For Driving Walking Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid Tolls Avoid Highways From To Fetching directions...... Reset... read more

Salto Wine Bar – Bistro (Corfu Town)

WINE BAR-BISTRO OPEN KITCHEN & SALUMERIA An intimate space, sophisticated and modern, where wandering in taste and wine enjoyment accompanying sounds of world music. Ένας χώρος οικείος, σοφιστικέ και μοντέρνος όπου την περιπλάνηση στη γεύση και την οινική απόλαυση... read more

XS Night Club (Corfu Town)

XS Night Club was created with passion and purpose to add a new proposal in the field of entertainment and raise the temperature soaring on cold winter nights. In a cozy space designed by architect Charles Roussi warm atmosphere is what will make the difference of... read more

Drops Seaside Exclusive Coffee Bar (Corfu Town)

Drops Seaside Exclusive Bar. The hottest, the most vivid spot in town. 1, Dimokratias Avenue, 49100 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece Tel (+30) 690 916 4164       Get Directions For Driving Walking Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid Tolls Avoid... read more

Garage Performing Arts Centre (Corfu Town)

Garage is a place of artistic action and research, which hosts festivals, dance and theatrical performances, lectures, workshops and projections. It is a member of Res Artis,the official organisation for Residency Centres and has the ability to accommodate artists... read more

Piazza Barocco (Corfu Town)

Piazza Barocco, with morning coffee until late evening drink … Downtown in kantouni Bizet (opposite the Italian restaurant La Famiglia) the Piazza Barocco tapas & Wine bar waiting for all his friends from the morning coffee to late evening drink and uniquely... read more

Nikolaos Mantzaros Museum of Music (Corfu Town)

Nikolaos Halikiopoulos Mantzaros 1795 –1872) was a Greek composer born in Corfu and the major representative of the Ionian School of music. He was of mixed Greek and Italian noble descent, from one of the most important and wealthy families of the “Libro... read more

Church of Agios Spyridon (Corfu Town)

The Church of Saint Spyridon is situated in the heart of Corfu town just behind the Liston. Originally the church was built in San Rocco square but in 1590 was built at its present location. The exterior of the church is typical of the Venetian architecture and its... read more


The “POLYTECHNO” was created in order to have a meeting point in the centre of the Old Town of Corfu. It is designed to house a temporary art creation, including various performances, exhibitions and seminars. Its cultural activities have as their yardstick, the... read more

Seven Arts Venue (ΕΠΤΑ, Τεχνών) (Viro)

With great optimism, knowledge and fantasy in these lean economic times we established a new area for expressionism and creations. The PLACE OF ARTS “EPTA” at the Village of Viro, Corfu was created in order to have a place to encourage various types of expressions... read more

Veranda Restaurant (Corfu Town)

In a pleasantly renovated space, restaurant “Veranda” is ready to offer you all the taste of Greek cuisine with the sea view spread on your feet just a few metres from the city centre. It is a family business which is characterized of the owner’s... read more

The Vlacherna monastery

It is probably the most well known corfiot landmark, its image comes to mind when talking about Corfu. The Vlacherena monastery was founded many centuries ago on a little rocky island close to the southern tip of the Kanoni peninsula. It was a women’s monastery... read more

Tenedos Church (Corfu Town)

At the top of Solomou Street under the New Fortress is the Roman Catholic Church of Tenedos dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Carmel and it is named after an icon of the Virgin Mary which was brought to Corfu when the Venetians were forced to evacuate the island of... read more

Byzantine museum of Antivouniotissa (Corfu Town)

The museum is housed in the Old Fortress in the beautiful church, dedicated to the Holy Virgin “Our Lady of Antivouniotissa” (Kyra Antivouniotissa) which is one of the oldest churches in Corfu and dates from the 15th century. It is also the oldest, most complete, and... read more

Solomos Museum (Corfu Town)

Once the house of the famous Greek poet Dionysios Solomos 1798-1857 it is now a museum dedicated to his memory. It houses a collection of memorabilia, photographs, portraits and archives from his life and works, which not only affected the Greek revolution but the... read more

The Temple of Artemis (Corfu Town)

The Temple of Artemis is an ancient edifice in Corfu, situated just outside of town, built in archaic-style around 580 BC in the ancient city of Korkyra, in what is known today as the suburbs of Garitsa bay on the Analipsis hill. The temple was dedicated to Artemis... read more

Museum of Ceramic Arts (Corfu Town)

The Museum housed in the ‘new fortress’ in Corfu town showcases some of the finer examples of Corfiot ceramic art. The origins of this collection lay in everyday life and takes its inspiration from the island, its people and Corfiot life. New Fortress – English... read more

The Serbian Museum (Corfu Town)

The Serbian Museum of Corfu houses rare exhibits from the Serbian soldiers’ tragic fate during the First World War. The remnants of the Serbian Army of about 150,000 soldiers together with their government in exile, found refuge and shelter in Corfu, following... read more

The Ionian Academy (Corfu Town)

The Ionian Academy was the first Greek academic institution established in modern times. It was located in Corfu and was established by Frederick North, 5th Earl of Guilford in 1824. It is considered the precursor of the Ionian University and had Philological, Law and... read more

The Bank Note Museum (Corfu Town)

The Banknote Museum of Alpha Bank is a museum located in Corfu Town. It showcases an almost complete collection of the Greek currency from 1822 to present around 2000 items and includes the first treasury bonds issued by the newly liberated Greek State in 1822 until... read more

Bistro Cafe Bar (Corfu Town)

Live Music Open all Day and Night Beautiful View of Corfu Port Open all Year Tel (+30) 690 627 3298 Facebook ΝΕΟ ΛΙΜΑΝΙ ΕΘΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΕΩΣ ΑΝΔΡΕΑ ΚΑΛΒΟΥ 1 49100 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece Get Directions For Driving Walking Bicycling   show options hide options Avoid... read more

Lazaretto Island (Corfu Town)

Lazaretto Island is situated two nautical miles from the North coast of Corfu. The island can be seen from along the port road and lies between the larger Island of Vidos and the peninsulas of kontokali and kommeno.

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Relive The History of The Old Fort (Photo Blog)

Reproduced with Kind permission from  PINAY FLYING HIGH The Old Fort of Corfu is the very first thing that you will see if you are taking the ferry to get to Corfu. The cross atop the mountain caught my attention while we were in the ferry approaching Corfu, I... read more

Discover the Old Town

Reproduced with Kind permission from  PINAY FLYING HIGH The boyfriend asked me what I wanted for dinner and for no particular reason, I told him I’d like to try moussaka. I wasn’t able to try it out the first time I was in Greece and I’m definitely not going to miss... read more

Vido Island

Vido (Greek: Βίδο) is an island of the Ionian Islands group of Greece. It is a small island (less than a kilometer in diameter) at the mouth of the port of Corfu. During the First World War, the island of Corfu served as an island hospital and quarantine for sick... read more

Municipal Gallery of Corfu (Corfu Town)

Housed in the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George the Municipal Gallery of Corfu has been in operation since 1978 in a building which is a legacy of the Dalietos family. When the gallery became a recognized public institution in 1991, an effort was made to make... read more

Sapori & Vini (Corfu Town)

Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant. Special dishes daily and great selection of greek wine. The garden is situated just below the New Fortress of Corfu. Solomou 1, 49100 Corfu, Kerkira, Greece Tel (+30)2661 081785 Email Facebook Link  ... read more

Second Hand Store (Corfu Town)

Our Second Hand store is located in Corfu town next to the Pet shop ‘Pet-oikos’. We sale used furniture and books. If there is something you don’t need, you can contact us and we can buy it from you. We also have a special section with antiques, vintage, furniture,... read more

Corfu Cycling Club (Corfu Town)

LATE RIDE TIME : 21.30 Come with your bicycle and join us. Every Friday at 21.30 at “PENDOFANARO” (Southern end of the Liston). Participants must be aged over 18. Information : Facebook Group : ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑΙΚΟΙ ΠΟΔΗΛΑΤΟΔΡΟΜΟΙ CLUB :... read more

En Plo Cafe/Restaurant (Corfu Town)

It was 1994 when it opened its doors, on the one side echoing the whistles of the passing ships and the seabirds, on the other side inhaling the sea breeze and looking at all possible shades of blue – from blue-mauve of the sky just before darkness to white-blue of... read more

Corfu Veterinary Clinic (Corfu Town)

We welcome dogs, cats, small mammals, and exotic animals. We also visit big mammals. CΟRFU VETERINARY CLINIC Small animal clinic which provides: vaccinations, therapies, blood test, X-rays, echography, surgery, emergency care, and beauty center Vet pharmacy Pet Shop... read more

Ionian Cruises (Corfu Town)

Discover the myth that´s hidden behind the history of every Greek island, by having your holidays in Greece combined with breathtaking boat trips. Our fleet is ready to welcome you on board for a luxury island cruise and pleasant journey to the unique beauties of the... read more

Body & Soul Gym (Corfu Town)

Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 22:30 Sat: 11:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 21:00 Tel (+30) 2661 056603 Email Achillion Street , 49084 Corfu, Kerkira,... read more

The British Cemetery (Corfu Town)

From Corfu seafront to south of the old town and turn inland onto Alexandras Avenue, which is a big tree lined avenue. At the top of this is Place George Theotoki which contains a roundabout. From this roundabout take the Donatou Dimoulitsa road and then bear left... read more

Andrioti School of English (Corfu Town)

Andrioti School is a well-established language school on Corfu island, Greece. It has been offering quality language courses since 1977. Our main aim at Andrioti School is to ensure that you receive the highest standard of tuition possible in a friendly environment;... read more

Corfu Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation (Corfu Town)

Corfu Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre encompasses a wide range of services made available to treat a number of conditions. Our aim is to provide you with specialist treatment according to your individual needs. We offer flexible opening hours, home visits and... read more

Archaeological Museum of Corfu (Corfu Town)

(please note the museum is closed for works, see below) The Archaeological Museum of Corfu (Greek: Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Κέρκυρας) in Corfu, Greece was built between 1962 – 1965. The museum land was donated by the city of Corfu. Its initial purpose was to house... read more

The Museum of Asian art (Corfu Town)

The Museum of Asian art of Corfu is a museum in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu, Greece. The only museum in Greece dedicated to the art of Asia, it has collections of Chinese art, Japanese art, Indian art and others. The museum opened in 1927 as the... read more

The Island Of Vido

“THE ISLAND OF VIDO” (CORFU) Some interesting facts It is called “THE ISLAND OF VIDO” and NOT “VIDOS ISLAND” and has an area of 53.8 hectares. I will write it also in Greek; «ΤΟ ΝΗΣΙ ΤΟΥ ΒΙΔΟΥ» και ΟΧΙ «Ο ΒΙΔΟΣ» as so many erroneously call it!! The name derives from... read more

La Tabernita Mexicana (Corfu Town)

Open daily except Mondays in the winter with Mexican flavours, tropical Coctails and sounds from Latin America! A separate proposal that combines food and drink except the restaurant has a bar to enjoy your favourite cocktails. For dinner we recommend fajitas,... read more

Avli (Corfu Town)

A garden of tastes awaits you at the parkland of Garitsa bay, in Corfu town, to introduce you to tasteful pleasures that satisfy all your senses.

read more

Cycling Stories (Corfu Town)

We are a group of young people who have grown up and live in Corfu. We love our city and we also love cycling. The bicycle apart from being an ecologic and alternative means of transport it helps us cultivate our spirit and exercise our body. We suggest bike rides... read more

Corfu Reading Society (Corfu Town)

The Corfu Reading Society was founded in 1836 by a group of fourteen young local citizens. A prototype already existed in the eponymous society in Geneva (Societé de Lecture de Genève).

read more

Pergola Taverna (Corfu Town)

        The PERGOLA TAVERNA has been established since 2007. It is a family run taverna specialising in traditional Corfiot cuisine at exceptional prices. Located in the Jewish quarter among the atmospheric narrow alleyways of old town Corfu. It is... read more

Tsokas (Corfu Town)

(+30) 693 655 6236 (+30) 2661 020066 16b, Ethnikis Antistaseos, 49100 Kérkyra, Greece  ... read more

Patras Travel (Corfu Town)

Our office was founded in 1966, as a General Tourism and Maritime Agency, committed to offer superior and reliable travel and shipping services to every type of ship, calling at the port of Corfu.

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Samara Translation & Interpretation (Corfu Town)

Samara Translation & Interpretation is a translation office located in Corfu, Greece. We provide direct and personal translation and interpretation services, so that you have your text quickly and professionally translated. Our services range from a simple text... read more

Markos Markosian (Corfu Town)

Markos Markosian. Coffee, Sweets, Spices, Olive Oil,Wines And Liquers, Dried Fruit And Nuts. G Theotoki 20 Corfu (Opposite Marks And Spencer In Corfu Town)          ... read more

Patounis Soap Works (Corfu Town)

Tradition moving with the times by Hilary Paipeti Strolling down the long eastern side of San Rocco Square past modern shops and establishments, you come on an anachronism. A stone-framed doorway, a bare floor, scrubbed wooden furbishings, and a clean smell of soap.... read more

Corfu Barber (Top Notch Hair Design) (Corfu Town)

Top Notch Hair Design is ideally located in the old town of Corfu, close to the old port and the new fort. There is a public car park close by (small charge) . It is about a 10 minute walk from the Green Bus station and a short walk from both the  National and... read more

Petoikos Petshop And Pet Cafe (Corfu Town)

    We invite you to come to our shop, which is also a pet-cafe, with your four-legged-friend and have a free coffee in our yard. Our customers are your pets, they can order a snack. At our shop you can find a variety of food, toys, accessories… We are... read more
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