Corfu Special Voluntary Unit for Search and Rescue

( Εθελοντικη Ειδικη Μοναδα Ερευνας Διασωσης Κερκυρας)

eemed logoΕΜΕD was initially formed by a group of friends connected by  their love of sport, adventure and the willingness to help  fellow human beings in need. The motivation  for anyone wishing to join should be just that, the spirit of volunteering, the giving of their time without reward. However in EMED we do not stop at this. Apart from organized rescue exercises, by our trained members, we also organize other activities which are attractive to people who love the sea, mountains, have the spirit of adventure and wish to escape from everyday routine.

eemed5The only requirements for someone to become a friend or active member is a passion for escape from the norm, love for nature and a desire to absorb new experiences. There are all kinds of activities: organized walks take place, some easy, some not so easy and some over mixed terrain known to the older members of the team who have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide these walks with security and following normal safety rules. Mountaineering activities include basic training in mountain techniques, such as winter conditions, rappelling, climbing and the rescue of injured persons under different conditions and scenarios. Obviously for mountain enthusiasts, the activities of EMED, apart from useful knowledge gained also create unique chances for contact with nature and the magic of mountainous terrain.

For those who love the sea. EMED has developed a series of interesting activities. The main benefit for someone partaking in these activities is familiarization with the marine environment which takes place under the guidance of trained members who are professionals in this area outside of the team.  Scuba Diving instruction is also possible under the safe guidance of trained personnel. Finally, for those interested, there is instruction in Free Diving (without breathing apparatus) and Life Saving to a professional level.

eemed1The amount that anyone learns, or the level of training that each person wishes to reach is completely up to the individual. Some will enjoy easy walks or team bicycle rides, others will be looking for more. EMED is for everyone. The character of the team is such that it gives each member the possibility to engage in activities in the area they enjoy most, and to the level they desire.

Apart from the enjoyment of contact with nature a parallel benefit is gaining knowledge of First Aid training during lessons given by specially qualified members of the team. Step by step, in a responsible way, each and every person, will learn the correct way, to help fellow humans in the case of an accident or injury in a calm and efficient manner. On completion of the course the trainees will gain the Emergency Responder qualification.

Contact Tel Nos:6955407412-6940810880               Website:

Founded 2009

Based in the Municipality of Corfu with an Office in Alepou.

Area of Activity: Anywhere that help is required.


Tel: 6955407412-6940810880





  • Recognised non-profit, non governmental organization
  • Formally recognized by the state and registered with the general secretary of the Greek Civil Protection Agency
  • The aim of  EEMED  is to offer aid to the whole community in times of need and emergency.
  • All equipment, training and search and rescue missions are undertaken voluntarily with the team’s own resources, and at the members’ own expense.
  • The team was recently honored by the municipality of Larrisa for it’s participation in a rescue expedition on MountOlympus.
  • Any financial  or material support  from private individuals or organizations  is very important for the continuation of the valuable and necessary work of the unit.


Further aims of EEMED


  • Search and rescue in land, mountain and marine environments.
  • General help to the community in the case of emergency situations.
  • The development of voluntary activities and the spirit of solidarity.
  • The understanding of volunteer work and the recruiting of new willing volunteers.
  • Establishment of the custom of volunteering  and becoming a volunteer rescuer.
  • Continuous training of members in rescue techniques and provision of first aid.
  • The cultivation and development of good relations with similar organizations in Greece and abroad.
  • The creation of a blood bank for use by members of the team and all other members of society.


The team members are professionals and amateurs in specific areas and form the following sub units:

  1. First aid section
  2. Marine section
  3. Land and mountain rescue section
  4. Firefighting section
  5. Shortly official training will be underway  for the formation of  a new unit which will cover the needs of  mass  disasters


The following are a selection of the many activities in which the team has participated recently:

  • Searches for  missing persons in Corfu on many different  occasions (17 until February 2014) –
  • Search for missing person in Antipaxos 2013
  • Environmental activities: the cleaning of the Bay of Garitsa
  • Participation  in fighting forest fires in August 2010
  • Care, welfare and shelter of refugees.
  • Search for missing Hungarian tourist in rugged terrain near Messonghi,.
  • Planting of new trees in the Kassiopi area.
  • Participation in rescue expedition on Mount Olympus.
  • Participation with aid in flooded areas of Corfu November 2010
  • First aid cover and general support for marathon in Kassiopi.
  • First aid cover for the “River Life” activities in Potamos
  • First aid cover for  primary school excursion to VidosIsland
  • Forest fire prevention patrols
  • Firefighting in the Apraos Kassiopi, Loutses, Skripero, Lakones, Kombitsi, Perithia Pantokratora, Messonghi, Alevropari, Agios Gordios, Imerolia areas in 2011
  • Fire lookout station in Ano Garouna – summer 2013
  • Safety cover for a private individual who swam from Albania to Corfu
  • Different type of trainings, schools and activities all year around


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