Walking Corfu

Corfu is an ideal location for a keen walker. The North is fairly rugged with Mt. Pantokrator, the highest mountain. Beneath the mountain is Corfu's oldest village, Ano (Upper) Perithia. At the other extreme is Korission Lake (in the South), an inland lake, separated by a thin sand bar from the sea.

Geocaching in Corfu

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting activity, where participants search for containers called ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches, using GPS-enabled devices, placed in locations worldwide.

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Day Trip To Mathraki Island

A day trip to Mathraki Island off the Northern Coast of Corfu takes you to a truly “away from it all” place. Beautiful beaches, a handful of Taverna’s and can be walked around in a few hours, with plenty of time to catch the ferry back to Corfu or... read more

The Dandalo Tower: Relic of the Crusades (Acharavi)

The Dandalo Tower: Relic of the Crusades Hilary Paipeti The Dandalo Tower dates from the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade of 1202. Masterminded and led by the elderly Doge, Enrico Dandalo, the Crusade, an uneasy mixture of Venetian and Frankish forces, was aimed at... read more

Stavros: The Mountain and Pantokrator Chapel

This wonderful walk takes you on a circuit of the high ridge south of Stavros. You reach a delightful chapel by way of a track, then return along a mountain footpath. Throughout, the views are spectacular. Starting Point: Dafnata Viewpoint, Stavros Village Time: 1 1/2... read more

Sights and Sounds of Giannades

The village of Giannades is located in the central west of Corfu, 20 kilometres from Corfu Town. It is the southernmost of three villages which lie on the west coast hills between Ermones and Liapades (the other two being Marmaro and Kanakades), facing away from the... read more

A Little Tour in North West Corfu

A Little Tour in North West Corfu Where can you find the island’s most beautiful sunsets? The real ‘best view in Europe’? Resorts on long-sandy beaches, that recall the tranquility of thirty years past? In North West Corfu, of course! Having avoided... read more

Join the Saturday Walking Group – and see Corfu

I started exploring Corfu on foot in 1982 in response to requests from my clients (I was working as a summer rep at the time) for places to walk. Since then I have been walking the length and breadth of Corfu, hiking in its mountains, and rambling in its... read more
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