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Natfresh Organic Farm

Natfresh is an organic farm specialising in the supply of freshly picked speciality herbs to order, organic Extra Virgin olive oil and Raw honey. We also produce sun dried tomatoes and a range of freshly made pesto’s infused with Mediterranean herbs and Eastern...

CHRISTINA’S CARDS (Handmade Cards and Invitations)

‘CHRISTINA’S CARDS’ Is a small local business, specializing in all kinds of Handmade Cards & Invitations, to fit your style & budget. When I decided to turn my hobby into a business in 2012, my main aim was to try and fill a gap in the market; here in Corfu;...

Sea Stone Corfu Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery with stones and pebbles from our beautiful beaches in Corfu.. See the full collection on the Sea Stone Corfu Website Sea Stone Corfu Facebook Page Phone : +30 698 8224919 Mail : seastonecorfu@hotmail.com      ...

Patounis Soap Works (Corfu Town)

Tradition moving with the times by Hilary Paipeti Strolling down the long eastern side of San Rocco Square past modern shops and establishments, you come on an anachronism. A stone-framed doorway, a bare floor, scrubbed wooden furbishings, and a clean smell of soap....


Nestled in the heart of Corfu, Ambelonas offers a very unique experience.

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