Nissaki Cave (1)Only a few seem to know that caves exist on Corfu and because of this I would like to introduce some of them which I have personally investigated.
I will start with two, close to Nisaki where I now live.


About 2 kilometres passed the church at Nisaki (going North) there is a small hamlet called “BOURATIKA” where there is a Shell garage. Just before it there is a path leading to the sea, South of “KAMINAKI”.
Half way down this path there is a spectacular cave in seven levels.
The main cave has plenty of light but if you want to venture deeper, you will certainly need a torch.
Bats and various birds live there but the ground is dangerous and great care is needed.


Between Barbati and Nisaki at “GLYFA” on the lower slopes of Pantocrator mountain there is a cave where human bones were found. It is said that pirates killed all who were hiding there.
The opening is very small and you have to crawl to get in.

3. “THE PERISTEROGRAVA” (The cave of the pigeons)

North-East of “PERITHIA” there is the village of “LOUTSES”. A short walk will bring you to an enormous hollow created after the subsidence of a small hill many centuries ago.
This is about 120 metres deep and 90 metres wide.
In the summer, sheep find refuge from the hot sun here and also water, because there is a small lake at the bottom.
On either side of this hollow there are dark entrances leading to the interior.

4. “THE AHNOTRIPA” (The misty hole)

Above the village of “EPISKEPSI” on the slopes of a small hill at a location called “SKEPASTO” (covered) within the wood there is a cave called the “Misty hole” by the locals, because during the cold winter days a kind of vapour comes out of it which is visible from “EPISKEPSI”. This opening leads to great depths, (hot and damp) but when I was investigating it I stopped after a few yards because despite the light from my torch, visibility was very poor.

By Aleko Damaskinos

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