shapeimage_2Cherry Sweig, Ever since the first time I drew a brush over a canvas,  I knew it would also draw my direction as an artist.  It’s amazing how it simply came to me.  And now, after careers in Graphic Design, Sega Video Games and the Japanese art of Gyotaku , my art has come full circle.


Cherry Sweig and the Skyrian HorsesIn October ‘05, during a visit to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, something caught my eye in the Equestrian frieze art that would change my direction as an artist, yet I was puzzled. A few days later in Corfu, I knew exactly what it was. I met Sylvia Steen, the founder of The Silva Project, whose life’s work is dedicated to the endangered horses of Skyros Island.
Scientific data supports the theory that this breed may be descendants of the oldest Equus species in Europe…such as the horses depicted on the Parthenon’s frieze. This was the link between the past and present that would come alive through my art…

I am honored to represent the USA as the only American artist exhibiting these artworks of the Skyros small horse. It is my hope to inspire awareness about these charming horses that are running out of time…There are only about 40 of the species left worldwide…

Cherry Sweig and the Skyrian HorsesThese three tapestry-style artworks are the first in a series with a portion of all proceeds to be donated to The Silva Project that maintains the efforts in Corfu to keep these horses from facing extinction.
Using a pumice stone-effect medium for the backgrounds, I was able to resemble the frieze’s imagery. In contrast, I painted the horses, actual likenesses of some of my favorites, in a soft yet glossy style representing their velvety coats. (Skyros is pronounced: “Skeere – ros”)

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